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Dear Guests,
When one say’s Luxury, how would you describe it?
Luxury, in our opinion, is not necessarily a necessity, but is considered as something that brings prosperity & euphoria. In our vision the tiny details such as the quality of products, the beauty of how this product is presented and the creativity of how it is mastered, make it luxurious. 

For us, Luxury is making our Guests feel important by offering exclusive services. Our Loyalty program is one of these services which allows us to thank you, our guests, for choosing Calista Luxury Resort.

Everytime we have a chance to show you our hospitality during your stay at Calista, by the end of your holiday, we would like to give you some points as a gift. Over a period of time, you will notice that the number of points that are adding up on your account are at a significant sum, which you can then use towards up to 50% off of your next reservation when you book directly through us at the hotel. However, these points can only be used once. Once you have spent them, you can start earning these points by constantly having that unforgetable, glamorous & luxurious holiday at Calista Luxury Resort.

But the benefits don’t stop there. According to Some of our guests, Calista became their second home, and for us, they are already part of our family. To show that we aknowledge this, we have created membership levels. Like in every family, there are younger & older members who have different advantages in the house. In our Loyalty program there are Silver, Gold & Diamond membership status’, which depend on the amount of nights they have stayed at Calista.

I invite you to browse on our website and examine what our Loyalty program is all about. Our specially designated CRM Department are here waiting for any questions or quiries you may have regarding anything…

General Manager

Calista Luxury Resort

A brief summary of what Calista Loyalty Program is:

  • The loyalty program allows you, our guests to save points for each overnight stay of accommodation at Calista Luxury Resort via a tour operator or directly with the hotel.
  • allows to redeem Loyalty points for payments of the accommodation reservations
  • to make a gift of a lifetime to a family member, a friend or a colleague granting them with a Calista "virtual" hotel voucher;
  • provides guests with additional opportunities, when they reach Silver, Gold or Diamond status at the hotel.

How to participate in the Loyalty Program?

  • Hotel Guests becomes loyalty member automatically, when they had their first stay at the hotel (see details)