Our Safe Tourism Certificate

Information about the HES Code:

- T.R. With the circular published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on 30.09.2020, the HES Code will be requested from our guests who has residence in Turkey and who come to the facility for accommodation purposes, during the reservation process or during the entrance to the hotel.

- The HES Code and the inquiry result information (not risky) will be written on the Registration Card by the hotel and the signature of the guest will be taken.

- The HES code of the guest given at the time of booking will be checked before check-in.

- After the inquiry, those who do not carry the risk of Covid-19 will be admitted to the facility, and those who are found to be at risk/contact will be informed on the Alo 184 Ministry of Health Communication Center (SABİM) line without being admitted to the hotel.

- Guests who do not yet have a HES code can also receive the HES code via SMS. To receive HES code via short message, type HES and leave a space between them, respectively, T.R. ID number, The last 4 digits of the T.R. ID serial number and the sharing period (in days) will be written and can be sent to 2023 as an SMS. If the sharing period is not specified, the duration of the code will be limited to 1 year. (Short message example: HES 1234567890 1234 15. When a message is sent in this way, the code will be valid for 15 days.)

- For more detailed information you can visit the Ministry of Health's https://hayatevesigar.saglik.gov.tr/HES.pdf

- The HES Code Inquiry is not in violation of the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK), as it is a process for the Protection of Public Health with the circular of the Ministry of Interior.

Our Covid-19 Manifest

Stay Safe at Calista.

As Calista Luxury Resort, we keep the health of our valued guests and employees first and foremost.
With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) which has affected the whole world, we know that we will overcome this difficult process together and we take our precautions at the highest level in our hotel.
Since the opening of our hotel, to ensure a healthy and safe environment like your home during your holiday, our health and safety efforts have been fully met with international standards and are periodically inspected by international independent organisations.
During this process our entire team assesses in the light of the decisions and predictions made by the World Health Organisation, Internationally Recognised Standards, The T.C (Republic of Turkey) Ministry of Tourism and T.C Ministry of Health.
As Calista Luxury Resort, it is our duty to develop exemplary work in the sector with the mission of prioritising our guest's satisfaction and safety at all times. In this context, we have received 4 separate certificates at the same time and we deserved to be the first friendly green star hotel in Turkey. The certificates are, OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate), ISO-EN 22000 (Food Safety Management System certificate), ISOEN 9001 (Quality Management System certificate) and ISO-EN 14001 (Environmental Management System certificate).
During the Covid-19 process, we carefully followed the process from the moment it started and made an evaluation of all the policies and procedures in accordance with our above mission with our preparatory work at a protocol level.
Our work has been featured widely across on national and international news channels. In this regard, we gave the message that the Turkish Hospitality Sector is following the issue very seriously and doing all the work needed on preparing for the process aſter Covid-19.
We will also submit the news links published on this subject for your information below.
At Calista Luxury Resort, to ensure you have a safe and healthy holiday experience against the Covid-19 outbreak and other possible outbreak risks in the aſtermath, we offer our preparation and work on the highest level of measures.

Hygiene and Disinfection Procedures

Measures Taken for The Health of Our Employees

- During the pandemic, service training and implementation activities are to be carried out by the related department managers / team leaders and out sources (workplace physician, occupational safety experts and experts in the field) to ensure complete progress of the operation.
- During employee recruitment health checks are carried out. Aſter the health checks and the eligibility given by the workplace physician, the recruitment process is carried out together with the report stating that the employee is healthy and fit for work.
- To safely transport the arrival and departure of our employees, the transportation vehicles are disinfected before and aſter each service. For safe transportation, employees wear protective masks and follow the rules applied to physical distance.
- Our personnel's who work in housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production areas and in the preparation department such as the dishwasher wear protective masks and disposable gloves.
- All of our employees know and apply the social distance rule among themselves and our guests. These measures are constantly reminded in the department meetings held before the operation.

Public Areas, Pools & Beaches

- In our Hotel, Rooms, Lobby, Restaurants, Bars, SPA and employee areas are primarily ventilated with natural ventilation. Central ventilation is used when natural ventilation is not available.
- Central ventilation filters are cleaned in monthly periods and are disinfected with approved disinfectants by the Ministry of Health. A continuous disinfection is provided with the ambient disinfectant given to the system.
- Disinfection mats are kept in the entrance and all commonly used areas of our hotel. In addition, our mobile disinfection team works periodically in all general areas of our hotel.
- Toilets in common areas (floors, toilets, pedestal urinals, sinks, taps, battery heads, door handles cleaning, liquid soap and disinfectant control, doors remain open, interior parts separated by front) hand contact such as door handles, handrails, elevator buttons and electrical buttons are oſten cleaned and disinfected with Ministry of Health approved disinfectants.
- Throughout the hotel, in the publicly used areas there are hand disinfection apparatus units and their follow up is also checked periodically.
- Towels in the beach and pool areas are given to you by our employees.
- Pool waters comply with the regulations. The valuesspecifiedinthelegislationaremeasuredand recorded periodically.
- All sun beds, sun bed cushions and beach cabanas are offered to our guests by daily disinfection procedures.

Check In & Check Out

- During the check in process, our social distance rules are passed on to our valuable guests by the welcome officer and the receptionist.
- Protective clothing and equipment are provided by our receptionist if you request them during check in.
- During check in our valuable guests are asked to check in to identify where you have been in the past 14 days, have any chronic illnesses or if you have had Covid-19 previously.
- Your luggage and belongings are disinfected by our welcome staff with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.Taking social distance into account, you have disposable gloves and masks leſt in your room.
- When entering our hotel, our guests, employees and visitors have their body temperature measurements made with thermal cameras and have face images being recorded. Verification checks are also carried out within the hotel. In case of a detection other than the accepted temperature range, “COVID-19 pandemic application in case of emergency” standards are put into effect within the hotel. If it is not in the hotel, you are not allowed to enter the hotel.
- Our contactless POS devices will be used within certain limits for payments to be made in our hotel. These devices are constantly disinfected.
- If your card does not have contactless coverage, the POS device is covered with a single use package and is available for your use.
- The room cards are implemented with a QR code installed on your smartphone in a contactless manner prior to accommodation rather than applying it.
- In cases where this application is not possible, door cards are prepared and disinfected before entering the hotel and given safely to our guests in their protected cases.
- Single use items are available for you to sing in to register cards or other legally required documents.


- Housekeeping staff in each floor work with masks and disposable gloves and aſter each room is cleaned, hands get washed and then a new mask and glove change is made before the cleaning of the other room starts.
- The use of accommodation capacity is monitored in a controlled manner and rooms are placed at intervals as possible. The use of new guests is not done for a certain period of time aſter the cleaning and disinfection procedures in the rooms that are checked out in a planned manner.
- With the smart room system, we have provided for your service, you can access your room without using the room key in a contactless way. You can manage the light and air conditioning in the room with your smart phones.
- In the rooms, the door handles, electrical buttons, hand contacted surfaces, telephone, door and window handles, water heaters, television and air conditioning remote controls are cleaned by our employees aſter every check out of the previous guest and are disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.
- The boucle materials and information documents in the rooms are disposable and a new setup is laid aſter each check out.
- The cups, spoons, forks and knives in the rooms are cleaned and disinfected by industrial dishwashers and places in packaging suitable for single use. Food and new setup are laid aſter each checkout along with other minibar supplies.
- All materials and towels used in the rooms are washed daily and in sufficient time.
- Aſter the cleaning process performed by our housekeeping personnel's, our rooms are steamed with disinfection products approved by the Ministry of Health and we air the rooms for about an hour.

Food Health, Food & Beverage

- All restaurants, snack bars and bars table had planned to be 1.5 metres apart, chair placements are 60 cm distance.
- The service equipment used in restaurants and bars is periodically cleaned by F&B employees before and aſter service and disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.
- In our open buffet service at Bellum restaurant, the meals you have requested are served by the kitchen staff.
- In restaurants, beverage setup is available in the service section and all drinks are served by F&B employees.
- The top of the tables and furniture in restaurants and bars are cleaned by F&B employees aſter your use and disinfectant is provided with Ministry of Health approved disinfectants.
- New sets of disposable equipment on tables in restaurants and bars are laid out aſter each guest's use.
- Our food production processes and food purchases are carried out by the rules of the Food Safety Management System.

Entertainment & Children's Club

- Our animation department, sports and health community programs ensure social distancing during activities, activity hours are determined by the animation management according to the number of people in accordance with your request and activity program is notified to guests on a daily basis.
- Aſter sports and health community activities, the equipment is cleaned and disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health. Disposable paper towels and Ministry of Health approved disinfectants are kept on the equipment for you to disinfect areas with hand contact prior to use of the equipment.
- Calippo Mini Club Guest Services "dated 12.05.22020 and numbered 2020/6" in case of change of the rule stated in the circular, in this section social distance, protective equipment and general hygiene, disinfection rules have been made in accordance with the provision of services.

SPA & Fitness

- Our Fitness room serves the maximum number of people determined by the SPA Management in order to ensure the use of our guests in a social distance. The usage hours of our guests will be determined according to the demand and the service is provided in the system with appointment. Aſter use, the equipment is cleaned by the employees and disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health. Disposable paper towels and Ministry of Health approved disinfectants are kept on the equipment for you to disinfect areas with hand contact prior to use of the equipment.
- The hours of use are determined by the SPA management according to your request in order to ensure that the SPA partner areas are used in a way that leaves you at a social distance.
- The boucle materials used during the use of SPA areas (pouch, soap, shower gel, shampoo) are disposable and are provided by the SPA RECEPTION.
- SPA humidity is maintained in the appropriate range. Sauna, Turkish bath, steam room usage period is limited to 30 minutes for the health of our valuable guests, lastly 15 minutes cleaning and disinfection is provided.

General Information

- Information about Covid-19 and hygiene measures, practices, online and digital applications, the information document in the reception, the television in the rooms and the kiosk in the general areas, are delivered. It is aimed that you, our dear guests, will have a comfortable and healthy holiday by throwing away the question marks in your head.
- Healthy and secure information is provided through social media and digital platforms in order to establish a healthy and fast communication with our valued guests and employees.
- All bars and restaurants within the Calista Luxury Resort, Lobby, Pools, Beach, Mini Club, Meeting rooms, all entertainment and sports areas, SPA centre, Fitness, Employee rest area, accommodation, transportation and work areas are arranged to be leſt a social distance of 1.5 meters. Social distance markings have been made and are constantly checked by area managers.
- In commonly used areas, service areas (reception, lobby, restaurant, snack bar, spa, fitness, beach, pier, animation, sport, health, community activity areas, mini club, meeting room, movie theatre, game room) hand disinfectant approved by the Ministry of health, protective equipment (disposable surgical masks, gloves, visor, Apron etc.) are available. You can request it from our staff.
- In common areas, there are grey-capped waste bins for masks, gloves and other protective equipment waste.
- The cleaning of frequently contacted surfaces such as seats, door handles, hand holders in our hotel transfer vehicles is carried out prior to each transfer.
- Maintenance of all installations and equipment of our hotel is periodically done to Authorised Service or expert trained in the field.
- Our hotel's ventilation filters are cleaned regularly and disinfected with disinfectants approved by the Ministry of Health.
- All the materials and products that we have provided to our guests are purchased from the suppliers who perform hygiene studies, and aſter the control and disinfection processes are accepted to our facilities, storage and disinfection works are performed in hygienic environments.

What are the practical but very important measures you will take during your holiday as part of this safe environment?

- Comply with the social distance markings in common areas. Social distance rules do not apply to people who stay in the same room, who come on holiday together, who are from the same family.
- Use of disinfectants in public areas aſter touching surfaces.
- Follow the practical hand washing and general hygiene rules stated in the images.
- You should also disinfect areas with hand contact prior to use of equipment in Fitness, Sports and Health Community activities.
- At check in you should contact the receptionist about your location in a different country during the last 14 days, any chronic illnesses, or if you have had COVID-19 before.
- Make your payments online or through non-contact channels to minimize contact.
- Use grey cover waste bins in common areas for mask, gloves, other protective equipment waste.
- Beverage sets are available in the service section of the restaurants and beverage services are provided by F&B employees. If you have a request you should forward it to them.
- In our open buffet service at Bellum restaurant, the meals you have requested are served by the kitchen staff. You should forward your specific requests to them.
- Send your request for guest towels in the beach and pool areas to the employees on duty.
- Please use a mask during hotel transfers.
- It is important that you do not use common areas in case of high fever, cough, shortness of breath, for the health and safety of you and all of our guests, you should wear and a mask and see the doctor's office without losing time.
With the onset of the Covid-19 outbreak, a Health and Safety Board was established under the chairmanship of our Hotel's General Manager.
The Health and Safety Board is constantly following the developments, this board is also making the necessary revisions in procedures and practices according to the new developments and is in a healthy and fast communication with our hotel staff and you dear Calista guests.
We impatiently look forward to seeing you very soon.

Calista Luxury Resort Hotel Management.