Thai Massage

Being one of 2500-year traditional massages on Thailand, Thai massage is based on Indian Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine. It aims to heal the human health fully in physical and metal terms, under the light of Far East knowledge. In this type of massage carried out on a semi-hard surface with clothes on, pressure is applied to special points on the energy channels to find the energy flow balance in the body, and passive yoga moves are made in order to provide the joint flexibility and activity. Although many tension, traction, stretching and pressure moves cause disturbance in the individual, you will feel the distinguishable relaxation and decrease on stress in your body after the massage.

Bali Massage

In this worldwide-known Indonesian massage type, it is aimed to provide an in-depth effect by passing the muscle tissue on the body surface through effective pressure and slight tapping and required tension movements on energy points of the body. Many natural oils such as grape, jasmine and coconut oils are used. While our expert team carries out massage on you, you will feel the tension on your muscles are eliminated with the help of oils mixed with special aromas, and that your body is balanced while your energy level increases.

Ayurveda Massage

Meaning the Science of Life, this traditional Indian massage considers that every living being has a "dosha" (unique energy). In fact, ayurveda is a massage customized for the person, thus for their "dosha" through techniques like cleansing, diet, yoga, meditation and massage therapy. Ayurvda massage eliminates the toxins in the body through cleansing method, and strengthens the muscle tonus; rests the body and makes it younger. Also known as hard body massage, this massage is carried out by kneading, pressing and traditional massage taps implemented with the use of oils suitable for hands, feet, elbows, forearm and personal dosha.

Classic Massage

Being implemented on the whole body, the classic massage increases the circulation pace, therefore the body tissues (cells) are revitalised, muscle tension decreases and thus, the individual's concentration gains strength. Therefore, this massage type is carried out to keep the body fit, and to help the individual eliminate the daily exhaustion and problems. This massage type is carried out with massage oil; nevertheless, in some cases, it is possible to be applied without the use of oil. This is the most precious time you spare for yourself. We are honoured serve you in order for you to spend each moment of this time gorgeously.

Aromatherapy Massage

As our aromatherapy massage implemented with extract-oils prepared with special mixtures obtained from herbal extracts heats the skin surface too much, it is quite beneficial for muscle and joint aches and weak circulation disorders. Aromatherapy is a feeling, an art and a way of life, beyond smelling the things making you feel good and leaving you good senses. Aromatherapy is an all-round way of curing which uses essential oils with many methods like massage, steam, compress, bath, odour in order to eliminate mental and physical imbalances in the body, and to protect body health and fitness. Aromatherapy is a fully protective and complementary health and physician method coming from the world of plants, revealing its own curing power, considering the body, brain and soul a whole.

Manual Lymph Drainage Massage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a manual technique focusing on draining the liquids stabilized in tissues and healing the return circulation. The most important feature of Manual Lymph Drainage is the fact that it's totally different from all other massages thanks to its application softness and slowness.

Lymph system collects waste materials in tissues and cells like blood circulation, and generally takes place in immunity. Operation of this system is based on the contraction of soft muscular tissues around the lymph ducts, and on pushing the lymph along the veins as a result of the movement of skeletal system. Local swellings occur in the body as a result of failure in operation of this system. Our expert team revitalises your lymph circulation system by specific pressure and rhythmic oval moves, and therefore lymph drainage system of your body is turned back to normal.

Head Massage

Being a traditional Indian massage for thousands of years, head massage has reach today by being transmitted from generation to generation. Focal points of this massage type are head, neck and shoulders. It has a natural curing effect on headache, sleep deprivation, tension, back and neck aches. Furthermore, as this massage increases the blood circulation in hair skin, it creates a nutritive effect, and therefore helps your hair grow more healthily.

Lomi-Lomi-Nui Massage

Being one of the traditional massages of Hawaii, this massage helps everyone awaken the positive energy solving personal problems, by taking "Huna" philosophy as basis. Water-based hot aromatic oils are used, and therapist's dance-like harmonic moves eliminated the tight areas by moving them palms, thumbs, joints and forearm of the person. Joints are loosened and the soul is set free with the help of variant and interdependent long and fluent massage moves and elbow; therefore, you will feel a deep sense of bodily and mental relaxation.

Mandara Massage (4 hands)

This massage, meaning the mount youth, is one of the traditional massages of Bali. Two therapists apply massage techniques such as Shiatsu, Thai, Lomi-Lomi in rhythmic harmony. With the regulation of blood circulation, loosening of muscles, and regulation of lymph system, the attention and compassion feeling shown to your body are mixed, and therefore, an extraordinary healing is provided. Energy level of the body increases and an unbelievable relaxation is felt in the body. You will feel younger with your energy increasing in the end of the therapy.

Turkish Bath, Sac & Foam Massage

The first phase in Turkish bath tradition is sac process; after the body sweats off densely, the blocked pores are opened by removing the toxic substances accumulated in pores of the skin, with the help of sac. After the sac, the body is covered with a dense foam produced of natural soaps, and a unique and relaxing massage is implemented with the help of this foam. The fact that it is a culture and tradition shows that Turkish bath is indispensable.

Reflexology Massage

There are reflex points in our feet corresponding to all parts, organs and systems of the body. This massage type, which became a part of traditional Far East massage, was started to be implemented based on the principle that these reflex points are the mirror of body anatomy. The problems are determined by the reactions given by the individual as a result of the pressures implemented by our expert team on reflex points with special hand and finger techniques, and they are attempted to be healed by causing physiological changes by specific methods. This massage type is a balance massage, and makes the individual feel good in physical and mental terms.

Shiatsu Massage

Being a traditional Japanese massage, based on the principle that Chi, the life of energy, is transmitted to the whole body through channels named "meridians" and defined clearly, and meaning "pressing by fingers" this massage type helps many types of disorders be eliminated. Our expert activates the body's self-healing mechanisms by implementing pressure techniques on a semi-hard surface, by relaxing the stressful areas and making the energy balance in your body go back to its natural condition.

Hot Stone Massage

In this flamboyant massage type, which uses India's healing methods applied for thousands of years, hot basalt and cold marble stones are placed on energy points of the body. Heat of the rocks increase the circulation of blood flowing towards tissues, and enables the aggressive density to be removed from your body by the dense massage of our expert. You will feel an in-depth relaxation in your body, and feel that your body and your mind reach their natural balances.

Herbal Massage

This massage type implemented by Thailand for centuries is applied on specific parts of the body by using plant balls filled with special plant species, and compressed by being heated. Thus, a good effect is provided as the healing effect of plants go through the skin pores. These attentively-selected plants have many qualities such as antioxidant, antiseptics and anti-allergen; furthermore, they heal many diseases like migraine, asthma and cold. This massage applied by our experts will provide an in-depth relaxation and refreshing effect on your body and on your mind.